Norfolk Coarse Fishing

A list of the top Norfolk fishing locations

We are 10 years old! I am a big fan of the world-famous celebrity angler, John Wilson.
I appreciate his enthusiasm and down-to-earth, yet knowledgeable approach to fishing. He is also not afraid to present the highs and lows of fishing, and all of this with a big smile and infectious laugh!

He is a successful fisherman and the author of many angling books on all types of fishing, and one of his books I have found the most helpful is, 'The Definitive Guide on Where to Fish in Norfolk and Suffolk'. However, the downside of fishing venue books and guides is the moment they are published they are also out-of-date. Therefore, inspired by John Wilson's book, I have decided to try and pinpoint the many places there are to coarse fish just in Norfolk. Apologies to the game/fly and sea fisherman out there! A short guide on how to use the site is below:

  1. Click on an individual 'fish' pointer to identify the name of each angling venue
  2. Zoom in to see satellite views of each fishing location, right down to the individual lakes!
  3. Get directions to each location enabling you to 'go fishing' quicker!

    Click on this link to see the Norfolk coarse fisheries, lakes, still waters and day ticket fishing venues listed

Norfolk Coarse Fishing Venues

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